New designs, unexplained absences and fun things to come

Hi there!

So, thanks for sticking around. Although the blog hasn’t been updated for a while, I’ve been busy behind the scenes fixing some stuff up, upgrading some other stuff and redesigning the blog.

And with a new design comes some new resolutions! This blog is never going to be a super-productive one like some others out there, but I am going to try to do a few posts a week, and at least one every week.

But not just any posts… Over the next week stay tuned for something about doctors and medical researchers making terribly poor ethical arguments, another thing about whether scientific studies can be trusted, and maybe another post or two as well.

I hope you all like the new design (it’s a slightly modified Arras theme) and that you enjoy the content over the next little while.

Oh, and if anyone wants to lend me some css or php expertise, please contact me! I’m a complete newb when it comes to these things.