What i liked this week: Media, tech and science news

This week’s roundup of top media, tech and science news, facts, comments and rants.

ABC to relaunch opinion site Unleashed | Mumbrella: A story about the new ABC online initiative. There’s been lots of rumours about this and it’s good to get a bit of meat among all the scaps. Let’s hope they have some good science and tech analysis!

Google Wave, and Why What We Are Living Through Really is Different | The Content Makers: Margaret Simons’ post about why we should be excited about google wave. It captures some of the exciting implications for “citizen journalism” but, I think, leaves out some of the exciting implications for communication.

The rise of douche | Language Log: Zwicky Arnold, a linguist, discusses the rise and use of taboo words. I like this because “douche” is such a great word and the level of taboo in which it is held is very unclear.

You are kind, strong willed, but can be self-critical | Mind Hacks: A post about the psychology behind why people fall for bogus things like palm reading, astrology and other mumbo jumbo.

The illusion of a universe in our own back yard | Mind Hacks: Evolutionary Psychology does perhaps represent a step forward in the way some things are studied but the claims are often hard to test, poorly evidenced and sometimes just plain obvious. Mind Hacks discusses some dodgy posits of Evolutionary Psychology regarding “universal” attraction to certain body types and some new evidence.

Labels may be losing money, but artists are making more than ever | Boingboing: So much for the scare campaign record labels are pushing.

Shark Bites Shark & 4 Babies Pop Out | Discoblog: This is just crazy. It’s about exactly what it sounds like it’s about.

Marijuana: Less Dangerous Than Aspirin | The Daily Dish: A nice chart comparing the actual number of deaths caused by various drugs and the media coverage of deaths associate with each drug.

Digital Tattoo Interface Turns Your Skin Into A Display | Gizmodo: I’m looking forward to when I can get one of these tatoos.

Feathers That Sing: What A Little Sexual Selection Can Do | The Loom: A post about a bird that sings with its wings and how scientists figured it out.

Ebook license “agreements” are a ripoff | Boingboing: A post about how you don’t actually own an ebook when you buy it.