Sensationalism and “succour for nerds” – #SciDebate

So I finally found the time to watch the #SciDebate between Ben Goldacre (author of the Bad Science blog) and Lord Drayson (the UK’s minister for science). The debate was over the quality of science journalism in the UK but the issues are, I think, universal.

Goldacre expressed very well something that I have been thinking about a lot recently – and something I’m writing a piece about at the moment: One thing that is all but absent from science journalism today is what he called “succour for nerds”. Today almost all science journalism is news about the latest study or discovery but what there should be more of is general nerdy discussion of scientific issues, concepts and theories. In Australia we get some of this on Radio National and the ABC Science website does it a bit but beyond that there is very little.

In the past there was more “succour for nerds”… Stay tuned for a post about a really cool example of this from the 60s and 70s…