Bogus reporting of my report on bogus science

A little while ago I published a story on ABC Science Online about a study that claimed to find that, among other things, longer penises improved “vaginal orgasm consistency”. I followed that story up with a blog post that expanded on some possibly bogus aspects of the story and some political connections. That post finished with a note expressing my surprise that the story hadn’t been taken up by dodgy publications just running the sensational aspect of the story. I spoke too soon.

A bunch of Indian newspapers have rewritten my story with headlines like “Women’s ultimate fantasy: size not foreplay“. They’ve taken out almost all of the critical stuff and just run with the sensationalism. (Unsurprisingly, they’ve also just reused the quotes I got and, in some cases, messed them up.)

A website “YourTango” did a similar thing, as did It’s bad enough writing a story just from a press-release, but these guys seem to not even have found the press release and have just sensationalised the story I wrote. It’s a shame, because there’s some interesting stuff in this story behind the headline.