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The name of this blog is stolen from Martin Gardner‘s book Science: Good, Bad and Bogus. Or perhaps, I should say, it was stolen from the name of a course my father teaches at UNSW, which was stolen from Gardner. The name seemed to fit this blog nicely since it combines all of the issues I write about here. Much of the philosophy of science is concerned with separating science from non-science (the demarcation problem) and thoughts about the philosophy of science inform much of my writing. Also, since the blog is also about good and bad science writing, the name seemed to fit very well.

About Michael Slezak

Michael Slezak is a journalist and blogger as well as a casual philosophy tutor and lecturer. He is based in Sydney, Australia.

Michael currently works full-time writing medical news at Reed Business Information. He has written news, features, analysis and commentary for publications  including The Sydney Morning HeraldCrikeyThe Guardian OnlineABC Science OnlineAustralian DoctorSBS World News OnlineCBCNews.caDiscovery News,  New Matilda, and The South Sydney Herald. His journalistic interests include science, health, politics and education. Some of his recent published work is available here.

Michael has a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Sydney. In 2006 Michael was awarded first class honours in philosophy and in 2009 he completed a Master of Philosophy. His honours thesis examined scientific explanation, especially as it applies in thermodynamics and cosmology, and his masters thesis was about the notion of causality  in the sciences.

Michael keeps a blog about science and its communication called Good, Bad, and Bogus. It was recently a finalist in several categories of the Research Blogging Awards.

He is not this Michael Slezak, the entertaiment writer, but enjoys accidentally getting the hate mail directed at him and collects it here.


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